We specialize in the production of endoscopic tools. Our standard products are listed below, however we are open to new challenges and we are happy to create products for individual orders.

  • Polypectomy loops (symmetrical, asymmetrical, single use, multi use) used to remove polyps from the body. The loops are made from braided rope or stainless steel wire. Structurally, the loops can be crimped (disposable) or soldered (reusable).

  • Guide wires used in urology. The core of the products is a NiTi wire (nitinol wire), with a flexible tip, coated with a polyurethane polymer film visible under RTG. In addition, the wire has a hydrophilic cover that makes it easier to overcome narrow constrictions. Available tips: straight and J-shaped. Available diameters of the wires: 0,018" / 0,025" / 0,035" / 0,038"

  • Transport wires for cardiac stents - steel wire loops from 2 mm diameter.

  • Microtubes made of polyurethane polymer.